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Don't let Alabama Follow Georgia's Disgraceful Example




This past Thursday was the worst day for voting rights in the country since insurrectionists violently attempted to stop certification of the 2020 presidential election at the U.S. Capitol. Over one afternoon, the Georgia House of Representatives and State Senate rocketed through a massive restriction on voting rights, and Governor Brian Kemp signed the bill into law.

The signing ceremony took place behind closed doors almost as soon as it legally could with the all-white legislative leadership standing next to Governor Kemp. On the anniversary of the culmination of the Selma to Montgomery march, Jim Crow reared its ugly head in Georgia.

We simply cannot allow Jim Crow 2.0 to gain even the smallest new foothold here in Alabama and we need your help.

"Cowering to extremists and disseminators of disinformation about our elections has been the overall policy agenda of Georgia’s leaders this legislative session”, said Nancy Abudu, Deputy Legal Director for SPLC Action Fund, in a statement on the passage of SB202.

But, Georgia is not alone in using the imaginary spectre of voter fraud to systematically disenfranchise voters of color through unconstitutional bills. Earlier last week, we outlined the efforts already underway across the South to present new barriers to voting designed to disproportionately suppress voters of color, in addition to young voters, seniors, and voters with disabilities - all of whom have faced the brunt of suppressive policies throughout our nation’s history.

In 2020, voters had to overcome tremendous obstacles--long lines, delayed mail, overwhelmed and underfunded county election administration--to cast a ballot in 2020. Last Thursday, Georgia made it even more difficult for voters to access the ballot box. As Nancy said, “Voters deserve to easily access the ballot and to have the confidence that when they participate in the democratic process, their ballots will count."

Catherine, we must not allow Alabama to follow in Georgia’s footsteps towards a thriving new era of Jim Crow. The foundation of any democracy is the right to vote. The more burdens we place on voters, the less healthy our democracy. Thank you in advance for continuing to stand with us to beat back these unwanted echoes from the past.