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Contact your lawmaker and tell them to take action about hate in your community



Each year since 1990, the SPLC has published an annual census of hate groups operating within the United States. The number is an important barometer, albeit only one, of the level of hate activity in the country.

Over the past four years, we’ve tracked a disturbing rise in white nationalism, antisemitism and extremism. Our annual Year in Hate and Extremism report, which identifies hate groups in the United States, confirms this alarming trend. 

Our last report tracked 838 hate groups across the U.S.

Hate frays the social fabric of our country. Repairing it will require all of our hard work. Our families, our schools, our faith institutions, our community organizations and our businesses must step up. Most of all, it will take leadership – political leadership – that inspires our country to live up to its highest values.

One of the SPLC Action Fund’s goals is to connect people with opportunities to hold their elected officials accountable on critically important issues. Here’s a place to start: Click here to contact your lawmaker and tell them to take action about hate in your community.

As a member of SPLC Action Fund, this won’t be the first time we’ll need your help. In 2020, we shared dozens of high-priority action opportunities with our supporters. 

Making our voices heard in the halls of power is a tremendously important part of our democracy. Thank you for joining SPLC Action Fund and doing your part to pressure your legislators to stand up for people facing oppression and exploitation.

Photo by Guy Bell/Alamy Stock Photo