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Florida Governor and State Legislature Openly Discriminate Against Communities of Color Through New Voting Map

New congressional map reduces representation of voters of color compared to existing maps and other proposed maps, as Governor DeSantis admits to practices that violate


TALLAHASSEE, FL. – TODAY the state legislature passed the congressional map proposed by Governor Ron DeSantis, reducing the representation of communities of color. The new congressional map contains fewer majority-minority districts than the previous map and fewer than previously proposed maps. Governor DeSantis criticized those maps for actively seeking to draw more majority-minority districts that provided more equal representation. 

The following statement is from Jack Genberg, Senior Staff Attorney for Voting Rights with the Southern Poverty Law Center Action Fund:

“Today Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law maps that “crack’ apart or ’pack’ together communities of color to diminish their voice in government. Throughout the redistricting process, DeSantis has openly criticized majority-minority districts that provide equal representation to Floridians of color, and now he is weaponizing redistricting to replace some of those districts with majority-white districts. 

“Despite the growth of communities of color in Florida, DeSantis is proposing a map that reduces the number of seats containing a majority of voters of color in Congress. Voters of color are going to be deprived of an equal opportunity when it comes to making their voices heard on issues as local as getting their roads repaired, or as national as healthcare policy. 

“Given the extent to which the new congressional map in Florida is likely to diminish the voices in government of communities of color, and the blatant disregard the Governor and state legislature have shown for creating equal representation for communities of color, it is vital that we hold them accountable and prevent these maps from taking effect. The Southern Poverty Law Center supports and stands with Florida communities and grassroots organizations calling out and organizing against these discriminatory maps.”