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Toward a Just and Equitable Future

A policy platform to meet the challenges of 2024 and beyond

The SPLC Action Fund, the 501(c)4 affiliate organization to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), released its policy platform, Toward a Just and Equitable Future, ahead of one of the most consequential elections of our time. This action guide outlines recommendations for candidates and policymakers at all levels of government, federal, state and local levels

This election presents a pivotal moment for the U.S., affecting major national issues and mirroring the SPLC’s mission. Despite progress, the U.S. faces challenges in democracy, justice and equality. The nation needs transformative change. The SPLC, leveraging its insight from community-based advocacy across our five states, recommends policy shifts to tackle racial, economic and gender inequities and to fortify democracy.

With its legacy of fighting for civil rights and through the launch of this platform, the SPLC and its Action Fund aim to inspire policies that benefit all by focusing on democracy, criminal justice reform, poverty eradication and combating hate.

Join us in our fight for justice and equality. Please read and share our guidelines to drive change to:

Download the Full Report (PDF)


Toward a Just and Equitable Future cover

Cover Illustration by David Pohl