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Alabama House Passes Bill Making it a Felony to Deliver Absentee Ballots to Friends, Neighbors

Montgomery, Ala. – Today, the Alabama House of Representatives passed an anti-voter bill, H.B. 209, which would make it a felony for an Alabamian to distribute an absentee ballot application to anyone other than their family members. The bill would also make it a felony to help someone with completing or returning an absentee ballot. That means Alabamians could face months or years in prison just for helping their friends or neighbors vote absentee at any stage of the process.

The following statement is by Katie Glenn, senior policy associate for the SPLC Action Fund:

“There can be no conceivable reason for anti-voter politicians to lock up the good Samaritans helping their neighbors vote absentee. Not only does it punish Alabamians for helping their communities, but it also creates barriers for older voters and voters with disabilities to make their voices heard in government.”