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Passage of the Debt Ceiling Legislation Merits Recognition

However, the SPLC Action Fund is concerned that the deal will harm many lower income Americans

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The SPLC Action Fund recognizes the need for the passage of the debt ceiling legislation but are concerned about the devastating impact the deal will have on low-income individuals.

“We are relieved that a catastrophic default was averted, but deeply disappointed that the country’s debt was negotiated on the backs of our most vulnerable communities. While the agreement passed is much better than what was originally proposed, we are still concerned that many in our nation, and especially those in the Deep South, who continue to struggle amid high inflation and the increased cost of living will be harmed," said LaShawn Warren, Chief Policy Officer of the SPLC Action Fund.

“Among the most troubling elements with the passage is that it will literally take the food out of the mouths of thousands of older Americans, including many across the Deep South where there are additional impediments to accessing assistance. Research shows that imposing arbitrary time limits on the SNAP program will only block people from accessing food and increase poverty. Simply put, it will increase chronic hunger and malnourishment in the region.

“These continued attempts to reduce public benefit programs should be seen by all as unacceptable especially given the lack of progress the country has made fighting poverty. There is no doubt we should be expanding these programs instead of waging war on the poor. Americans in need deserve better and we hope that Congress will not only restore the benefits they cut but expand them and work to end poverty in our nation."