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SPLC Action Fund Applauds the Veto of SB 156, Which Lets Trans Student Athletes Play Sports

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Recently, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards vetoed Senate Bill 156, an anti-transgender bill that would ban transgender girls and women from participating in sports aligning with their gender identity.

The following statement is from Scott McCoy, SPLC Action Fund interim deputy legal director, LGBTQ Rights & Special Litigation:

“We are pleased that Gov. John Bel Edwards chose to protect Louisiana’s transgender girls and women by vetoing Senate Bill 156.

“This veto recognizes that there is no evidence that transgender student athletes – specifically females – enjoy any advantage over cisgender competitors. School-based sports programs teach invaluable lessons kids need to become successful adults and productive members of society, and every child should have equal access.

“Allowing students to participate in sports that align with their gender identities sends a message of inclusion and tolerance. Most importantly, it provides Louisiana students with another way to thrive as their authentic selves.”