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SPLC Action is a catalyst for racial justice in the South and beyond, working in partnership with communities to dismantle white supremacy, strengthen intersectional movements, and advance the human rights of all people.

The intended beneficiaries of SPLC Action are communities of color, particularly in the Deep South, who face systemic oppression, poverty and structural racism. To overcome these injustices, we must reimagine the political, economic and social systems that sustain them – to create a world where all people can thrive. To that end, we are focusing our work and resources on four key impact areas that we believe will lead to transformational change:

  • Decriminalizing and decarcerating Black and Brown people
  • Expanding voting rights and civic engagement among communities of color  
  • Eliminating the root causes of poverty in the South
  • Dismantling white nationalism and protecting democracy

A bold action agenda

We are pursuing a bold action agenda to confront our country’s most urgent challenges, with a particular focus on eliminating federal and state policies that harm our communities while  championing progressive, forward-looking legislation and priorities that will empower those we serve.

After four years of President Trump and his grossly irresponsible handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, our society’s staggering inequities have come into stark relief – with particularly painful consequences for Black, Indigenous and Latinx communities across the South.

We have seen a dangerous rise in far-right extremism and attempts to delegitimize our country’s democracy. We must continue to work tirelessly with our allies to ensure equitable access to the ballot box; empower communities by aiding them in their fight against voter suppression; support Black- and Brown-led voter mobilization efforts; prototype effective voter engagement strategies; and re-enfranchise formerly incarcerated people.

Our prisons continue to be dangerously overcrowded in a nation that leads the world in incarceration. We must address the inextricably linked issues of overincarceration, for-profit prisons and racial inequity in the criminal justice system.

America’s immigrant community has been abused and demonized. Our country’s inhumane policies have torn children from their parents, systematically prevented those fleeing violence and persecution from seeking asylum, and needlessly locked away people in our nation’s ever-expanding immigrant detention system. There is a better way: We can build a just, humane and orderly immigration system – one that provides protections and refuge, sets out a clear and simple process for gaining immigration status, and lets people stay with their families, friends or sponsors in their communities while their cases are being heard.

Economic injustice has long been a deep source of distress in this country, and millions of people are struggling simply to survive. Families across the South are living on the edge in a nation marred by vast income inequality and a scant social safety net. And many public schools, particularly those in low-income communities, are chronically underfunded and neglected. We can no longer ignore economic injustice in this country.

Across racial and socioeconomic backgrounds, Americans have come together in a united front against racist policing, mass incarceration, economic inequality, anti-immigrant bigotry and other forms of injustice. But in the midst of this historic movement, white nationalism and far-right extremism threaten to derail our progress. SPLC Action has laid out concrete steps the federal government can take to combat white supremacist terrorism, prevent hate crimes and violent extremism, transform institutions that reflect white supremacist ideology and rebuild trust in our democracy.


SPLC Action Fund’s policy experts fight legislative battles at every level of government – and through ballot initiatives – to advance inclusive legislation and defend against harmful policies. Our goal is to ensure equity and justice for all.

Grassroots organizing

It is essential that elected officials hear directly from people in their communities to make informed policy decisions. We build coalitions and work closely with grassroots organizations, individuals and communities to advocate for key legislative and administrative reforms at the federal level and in the five states – Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana – that are the primary focus of our efforts.

Financial Information

IRS Form 990  As a 501(c)(4) organization, our annual federal income tax return, IRS form 990, is available for review. Financial information, including IRS form 990, for the Southern Poverty Law Center is available here.

Board of Directors

SPLC Action Fund is the 501(c)4 affiliate organization to the Southern Poverty Law Center.