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Current endorsements in Alabama

  • Moshae Donald, Mobile County District Attorney, 13th Judicial Circuit
  • Ashley Bell, Shelby County District Court Judge, Place 1

Current endorsements in Georgia

  • Makia Metzger, Cobb County Solicitor General
  • Becky Sayler, Cobb County School Board District 2
  • Catherine Pozniak, Cobb County School Board District 4
  • Katrisha Williams, Crisp County School Board District 5
  • Sheila Drake, Greene County School Board District 1
  • Christine Triebsch, Cobb County Commissioner District 3
  • Maggie Goldman, Fulton County Commissioner District 1
  • Melanie Miller, Greene County Commissioner District 1
  • Ben Ku, Gwinnett County Commissioner District 2
  • Sarita Dyer, Henry County Commissioner District 3
  • Chris Nasworthy, Screven County Commissioner District 7

The SPLC Action Fund is a catalyst for racial justice in the South—we’ve won lawsuits, we’ve passed legislation and we’ve helped build organizing capacity throughout the region. This work is getting harder.

The radical right is drawing political boundaries designed to reduce Black voting power and recruiting candidates at every level of government. This means local officials are increasingly ideological and less open to ideas that do not fit within their own narrow agenda.

With increasingly radical and intractable judges and elected leaders, it does not matter how good we are at filing lawsuits or lobbying lawmakers. No amount of persuasion will convince a conspiracy theorist in local office to do the right thing.

For better outcomes in our courtrooms, statehouses and city halls, we have to identify pro-democratic candidates for office. It’s not enough to hope better people find their way to elected office: We have a responsibility to help educate voters about their choices.

The SPLC Action Fund makes endorsements in select races throughout the southeast. We seek out candidates for local office who are committed to dismantling white supremacy, strengthening intersectional movements and advancing human rights of all people.

We endorse candidates who…

  • Support voting rights. We endorse candidates who believe in equal access to the voting box, stand against voter suppression and support lawful voter mobilization efforts.
  • Recognize our prisons are dangerously overcrowded. We endorse candidates who believe we must address the inextricably linked issues of overincarceration, for-profit prisons and racial inequity in the criminal justice system.
  • Fight economic injustice. We endorse candidates who are committed to strengthening the social safety net and fully funding our public schools.
  • Are committed to protecting democracy. We endorse candidates who oppose efforts to delegitimize our democracy.

In pursuit of this bold agenda, the SPLC Action Fund supports candidates who share our commitment to addressing the deep inequities that plague our nation.