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Major Effort Focused on New Alabama Congressional District Announced by SPLC Action Fund and New Southern Majority IE PAC

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Today, SPLC Action Fund and its affiliate, the New Southern Majority federal independent expenditure (IE) PAC, announced a major investment and mobilization effort in the critical election contest for Alabama’s newly formed congressional district.

A federal appeals court recently released a new congressional map featuring a redrawn second congressional district which would allow Alabama’s Black voters an opportunity to attain better representation in the state’s federal delegation. The new district includes the city of Montgomery, which is home to both organizations.

“This congressional district presents an incredible opportunity to make major gains in growing the political power of the Black community in Alabama,” said Margaret Huang, president and CEO of SPLC Action Fund, New Southern Majority’s affiliate 501(c)(4) organization. “With congressional Republicans having only a five-seat majority in the House of Representatives, the district could determine control of the body next year and that is why it is imperative that we start to inform, talk to and engage voters across the district as early as possible.”

“Alabama voter turnout in 2022 was the lowest it’s been in decades, which is due to when districts are drawn to suppress people’s votes and keep them out of the political process. These new lines mean Alabamians will not only have a true choice — but true representation. We want to make sure everyone knows it.”

The joint effort will include voter engagement, education and mobilization. The organizations also plan to hold two community-based debates for all the candidates during the primary campaign.

“These debates will provide voters the opportunity to come face-to-face with the candidates and learn where they stand on key issues and their vision for achieving equity and justice across the Deep South,” Huang said.

New Southern Majority IE PAC invested nearly $500,000 in last fall’s election cycle, helping to turn the tide in two Cobb County, Georgia, elections and a Mississippi judicial race. The PAC has also already spent more than $300,000 in the competitive Mississippi governor’s race. The super PAC was created to help recruit, support and drive greater diversity among political candidates running for local offices throughout the South. New Southern Majority is now ​working in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana to prioritize local elected positions related to law enforcement, education and elections administration and to support candidates of color.