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SPLC Action Fund Condemns Racist Mailer in Mississippi Gubernatorial Campaign

JACKSON, Miss. — The SPLC Action Fund today condemned the circulation of a racist mailer by the Mississippi Republican Party targeting Brandon Presley in the Mississippi gubernatorial campaign. The mail piece features an image of Mississippi native and voting rights activist Stacey Abrams alongside racially charged ‘warnings’ included regarding ‘violent crime rising’ and the ‘hijacking of our culture.’

“This racist and crude mailer isn’t just a dog-whistle, it is a dog-leaf-blower. This is clearly meant to scare white voters considering supporting Brandon Presley. It is disgusting and should be condemned immediately by Gov. Tate,” said Charles V. Taylor Jr., who serves on the board of the SPLC Action Fund. “It is deeply disappointing that rather than trying to explain the countless corruption controversies swirling around the Governor, they are trying to misdirect with this sort of Jim Crowe era attack piece. They must really be concerned about the state of the Reeves campaign.”