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SPLC Action Fund Condemns Senate Passage of Georgia Anti-Trans Youth Bill S.B. 140, Which Criminalizes Gender-Affirming Healthcare

ATLANTA Today, the SPLC Action Fund released the following statement from Senior Supervising Attorney Beth Littrell in response to the passage of S.B. 140 in the Georgia Senate along party lines. This legislation prohibits hormone replacement therapy and surgical procedures for minors regardless of medical necessity, bans critical gender-affirming medical care for transgender youth, and criminalizes doctors who offer medical care for trans youth.

“Governor Brian Kemp did not give in to pressure from his party when the health of our democracy was at stake, and he should not give in now when the health and wellbeing of young people are at risk. Denying safe, effective medical treatment to transgender youth based only on prejudice and political pandering is inhumane.

“The SPLC Action Fund urges Gov. Brian Kemp to leave personal healthcare decisions in the capable hands of parents, children, and their doctors by vetoing S.B. 140. We hope the Governor will elevate himself and the State of Georgia above this cynical partisan attack on transgender youth, medical autonomy, and parental rights.

“There is still time to do what is right.”