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SPLC Action Fund Endorses Mayor Lionel Johnson in Reelection Bid

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – The SPLC Action Fund today endorsed Mayor Lionel Johnson, Jr. of St. Gabriel, Louisiana, in his reelection bid.

“Mayor Johnson has proven himself an effective leader and deeply committed to ensuring equity in city services,” said Brandon Jones, director of political campaigns for the SPLC Action Fund. “As mayor, he has worked tirelessly to address inequality and its impacts from ensuring access to testing during the COVID-19 pandemic to tackling environmental issues related to area waterways. He has also denounced the systematic racism that for too long has fed this inequality.”

The SPLC Action Fund is focused on communities of color, particularly in the Deep South, who face systemic oppression, poverty and structural racism. To overcome these injustices, the organization is committed to reimagining the political, economic and social systems that sustain them – to create a world where all people can thrive. To that end, the SPLC Action Fund is directing its work and resources on four key impact areas that the organization believes will lead to transformational change: 

  • Decriminalizing and decarcerating Black and Brown people 
  • Expanding voting rights and civic engagement among communities of color   
  • Eliminating the root causes of poverty
  • Dismantling white nationalism and protecting democracy

In pursuit of this bold agenda, the SPLC Action Fund supports candidates who share our commitment to addressing the deep inequities that plague our nation.