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SPLC Action Fund to Engage in Alabama Municipal Races

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Today, the SPLC Action Fund announced that it will be exploring engagement in municipal election contests in eight Alabama cities during the 2025 election cycle. Black residents have been historically underrepresented in these city governments, especially in the role of mayor, despite the fact that these are all majority Black communities. 

The target cities and their current demographics are: 

Adamsville: 3,018 (voting-age population) / 57% (non-white population) 

Anniston: 13,962 (voting-age population) / 57% (non-white population) 

Atmore: 4,690 (voting-age population) / 59% (non-white population) 

Greenville: 4,758 (voting-age population) / 61% (non-white population) 

Livingston: 1,975 (voting-age population) / 69% (non-white population) 

Oak Hill: 119 (voting-age population) / 89% (non-white population) 

Pleasant Grove: 6,877 (voting-age population) / 64% (non-white population) 

Thomasville: 2,791 (voting-age population) / 58% (non-white population)

“In these cities across Alabama, Black citizens have been underrepresented in city government for too long,” said Brandon Jones for the SPLC Action Fund. “We are committed to learning more about these communities to ensure their concerns and priorities are reflected by those in power.”

In Livingston, Alabama, for example, people of color represent nearly 70% of all voters, yet the city has never elected a Black mayor. The SPLC Action Fund is vowing to change that. 

“Off-year, local elections across the Deep South haven’t been historically competitive and the SPLC Action Fund is vowing to change that. In the 2020 election, President Biden won or came close in each of these places. We want to do our part to make sure these communities show up at the polls in 2025,” said Jones.

Candidates interested in being considered for an endorsement should contact: Madison Hollon at