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SPLC Action Fund: SB 2588 "Threatens Mississippi Voters"

Bill passed out of Senate Elections Committee today plainly violates the National Voter Registration Act

JACKSON, Miss. – Today, the Mississippi Senate Elections Committee voted affirmatively to move an amended SB 2588 to the floor of the full Senate. The following statement in reaction is by Caren Short, senior staff attorney for the SPLC Action Fund:
“SB 2588 is a dangerous piece of far-right legislation that threatens Mississippi voters and Mississippi’s entire democratic process. The legislation passed out of the Mississippi Senate Elections Committee today entirely ignores the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), the landmark federal legislation that protects voters from being removed from registration rolls for unnecessary or discriminatory reasons. SB2588 is an extreme version of a ‘use it or lose it’ law that punishes voters for not voting by removing them from the rolls. This plainly violates the NVRA.”
“If this legislation is signed into law in its current form, the SPLC Action Fund will consider all its options to ensure that Mississippi voters are not punished for failing to vote.”