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SPLC Action Fund Statement on Caddo Parish Sheriff Election

NEW ORLEANS — Despite Henry Whitehorn's victory in the Caddo Parish Sheriff election — and after a recount — a court has ruled to vacate the election results. The SPLC Action Fund condemns this rejection of the will of the voters who elected Henry Whitehorn and urges voters to turn out in the potential special election for Caddo Parish Sheriff.

“Henry Whitehorn’s victory in the recent Caddo Parish Sheriff election makes clear that every vote really does count,” said Terry Landry Jr., the Louisiana policy director for the SPLC Action Fund. “It is disappointing that despite his victory in the election, and after a recount, a special election has been called. There is no evidence of voter fraud or any scheme to alter the election outcome, yet tens of thousands of votes are potentially set to be tossed out. This is wrong.”

In September, the SPLC Action Fund endorsed Henry Whitehorn in the race, citing his qualifications for the position and noting the shocking lack of diversity in sheriff’s offices across the state. His candidacy provides an opportunity for the system to be truly representative of the community.

“Voters across Caddo County came out to support Henry Whitehorn and, if they move forward with the special election, they need to do it again in March to ensure their voice and will is heard at the ballot box,” Landry said.