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SPLC Action Fund Urges Senate to Reject Nefarious Effort to Undermine DEIA Programs

WASHINGTON — Today, the SPLC Action Fund and 58 civil rights groups united in calling on Congress to protect and expand anti-discrimination laws, policies and programs in the military and across the nation. The coalition sent a letter to the Senate Armed Services Committee, urging the Committee to reject any effort to add anti-DEIA provisions as they take up the FY25 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) this week.

“The campaign against DEIA programs in our military is part of a nefarious effort to undermine civil and human rights protections in the United States,” said Sakira Cook, federal policy director at the SPLC Action Fund. “Anti-discrimination policies and programs like those that advance diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility are critical to ensuring equal opportunity in education and employment.”

“DEIA programs help the military recruit and retain servicemembers of all backgrounds, in addition to identifying and addressing discrimination faced by servicemembers,” continued Cook. “Restricting or removing these programs would hinder the ability of the Department of Defense (DoD) to improve equity, cohesion and force readiness.”

“We urge the Senate Armed Services Committee to reject the inclusion of any provisions that threaten the health and welfare of servicemembers and their families by undermining or eliminating DEIA programs. Diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility are paramount to our security and our multiracial, inclusive democracy,” concluded Cook.